Luckily, you are likely to be more productive and energetic than usual during  first half of the month .people dealing in real estate will earn good money. Your talent and hobbies will fetch you good monetary gains. You are also likely to get along better with your bosses during the beginning of this month. If you get a promotion or a raise then it is likely to be also in this month. You will spend good time with your children. If you are single, then you might get into a romantic relationship. Beware of getting cheated from opposite sex. You will get full family support and they are sure to be grateful for whatever you can do to help them. Take care of your health and try to reduce your stress level. You will make new friends and you will travel in the end of this month. You will be very playful and creative in this time. This period is also a great time for self-reflection and focusing on your spirituality. Shedding bad habits and adopting healthy habits will be benefited. Take initiative to make the correct changes in your life to turn onto the correct path of success. Students will do fairly well in their respective field. Avoid being shied, argumentative and angry. You will make some important decisions this month. You will be able to finish all important pending jobs. Do not feel shy when asked for your opinions as you will be highly appreciated for that.

Remedy: Donate white clothes to beggars once twice a month.