The first half of the month is quite favorable. This period will be good for purchase of luxury items. This month indicates some successful real estate deals.This period can bring complicated time for couples. Relationships with relatives may change and you will be criticized by near people.You may face difficulty in your private life and can face complicated relationship with relatives. An explosion of emotions is possible in second half of the month so avoid arguments .On professional and business fronts you will forge ahead and pending litigation will get solved. Students need to concentrate more on studies. Influence of bad company may affect their grades. People in job will work in harmony with boss and can expect career development with an increase of salary and promotion. you may get offers to connect with foreign companies or foreign investors. Those in jobs can become a victim of professional manipulation and will think of exploring new possibilities or new jobs. Great changes in private life are possible. Second half of the month is not a happy time for lovers. Differences with family members and spouse may persist. Those working together with relatives will face a lot of problems, claims and disagreements. Expansion of business, purchase of office and other changes in business are possible. You will see smooth cash inflow and your major plans will get through. There will be a general increase of income and wealth. Large expenses connected with business affairs, business development or with growing needs of children or close people are also possible.

Remedy -Donate white food items to disabled