Importanance of Moon Sign

Predictions basede on Moon sign (Rashi) are more significant and accurate than Sun sign. Predictions derived from the Sun sign are in accordance with the Western Astrology. Sun takes twelve months to travel through the twelve Zodiac signs and hence it stays in one Zodiac for a period of one month only. On the contrary, Moon stays in a sign for sixty hours approximately (two and a half days approximately).

Henceforth, Moon sign is more imperative and is given more preference compared to Sun sign in Indian Vedic Astrology. Owing to the Moon’s fast moving nature it is considered the base of Indian Vedic Astrology. Moon is called the Queen of the Planets. It represents the mind and determines one’s compatibility with other people. It may be your parents, siblings, friends, lover, spouse, etc. To get accuracy and to understand Moon sign one needs to first understand about the Moon itself in Indian Vedic Astrology.

In our Vedic Astrology the placement of Moon in a particular sign in the birth chart would represent the Moon sign for the person (native). For instance, if the Moon is placed in the number one (Mesh Rashi) position then that position would indicate your Rashi.

Moon being the nearest celestial body to the Earth renders explicit predictions and plays a vital role in defining an individual’s day-to-day behaviour, personality and emotions in human beings and animals. It deals with anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, fear, mood swings, sexual urges and affection of individuals. Moon is complemented as one eye of zodiac signs. Moon is beneficial in nature. It is cold, calm and peace-loving and governs North-East Directions. In body, it governs the chest especially lungs.It deals with our thought-processing, emotions but its effects are momentary as it is fast-moving. Indian Astrologers give day-to-day predictions based on Moon signs.

As Moon is very important to maintain human relations, emotions and personalities, the Menzil of Qumar of the Arabs, the Nakshatras of Indian Vedic Astrology, the Siou of the Chinese also believed and predicted with a Moon sign base.