Pradeep Vig's Overview On Vedic Astrology

Jyotish means light of God. It is an integral part of our ancient Vedic culture which is at least 5000 years old as per conservative estimate. I would like to give you a brief overview of my outlook of Astrology. Astrology is one of the most profound sciences enabling you to understand yourself, your deeper needs, your spiritual mission and your life-purpose. It is the divine golden light provided to us.Based on my decades of experience, I know that Astrology & Vastu have immense power to enhance our life and overcome setbacks. I work to guide my clients to overcome problems in their professional and personal lives with the help of Vedic Astrology and related remedies. I promote practical and spiritual aspects of Vedic Astrology and believe that right actions taken at the0020right time supported by right guidance can help us solve the problems of life and move towards greater heights of success. I am thankful to the divine’s grace that I’ve also been blessed with abilities in “Aura Reading” and the very sensitive subject – “Medical Astrology”. In my consultations, aura and face reading is a natural preliminary step which I use to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the predictions. I also promote social help as one of the best remedies to make your outlook positive, bring peace and prosperity to your lives.  

Coming back to my outlook of Jyotish – It is very common to deal with life in duality – good and bad, but I, on the contrary believe, that every planet and yoga in Astrology has special distinct characteristics and manifestations. Once decoded, you need to understand and accept it with grace. A debilitated as well as an exalted planet, gives you particular traits because of which you are who you are. A debilitated planet is not always bad as it provides us with situations to learn lessons. Similarly, an exalted planet is not great in all aspects. It’s more about wisdom and knowledge rather than physical comforts.

So think of Astrology as a divine spiritual tool which helps you in decoding yourself. The purpose of Astrology is to help you achieve peace and calmness. You can call it Vedic Astrology, Spiritual Astrology or just Astrology, its real essence is to make you understand yourself and how you can decode the secrets of Karma so that you know the truth of everything happening around you and learn how to deal with it.

My clients include leading Politicians, Film Stars, Businessman and Professionals from all walks of life besides thousands of followers from all over the world. My other current business interests include Consulting, Buying and Selling of Real Estate on a Pan India basis.