10 MARCH 2017


Saturn has made its move in Sagittarius on January 26, 2017. This transit of Saturn will be a turning point in India’s politics, growth, and overall positioning in the World. Literacy rate will increase and education systems will grow stronger in this period. Corruption will go down and there will be changes in the Judiciary systems for betterment. Digital India will be on the rise. For India and Modi Government, this period will be highly constructive and stable foundation will be laid down for a progressive country. They are going the revolutionize the country and rule for a long period, said Mr. Pradeep Vig, India’s leading Astrologer.

Another beneficial indication for the ruling party BJP is in the Assembly Elections taking place in Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, Uttaranchal, and Goa. BJP will stand strong in these states and they have a great chance of coming out with a winning flag.

These prediction related to the government are based on the chart of India (and studying the alignments for the ruling party in the chart) as there is no reliable data available for the country leaders. Terrorism will go down worldwide which is a good news for all.

This is the time period of justice; the segments of the society who have been suppressed for a long time will get justice now. The period is especially fruitful for women empowerment.

Contrary to the general fearful mindset for Saturn, Mr. Pradeep Vig firmly believes that Saturn is the finest planet in the zodiac and gives most stable results. Being in the sign of benefic planet Jupiter, Saturn is bound to give good results to all who are spiritual and in the path of righteousness. Sagittarius is an inspirational and philosophical sign, entry of Saturn in this sign will bring spiritual mindset in the people worldwide.

18 MARCH 2017


New Delhi based Leading Astrologer Pradeep Vig’s had released a news release earlier on March 10 2017 that “BJP is likely to form government in 4 States” see link below;
Mr. Vig’s forecasting was based as India’s horoscope chart as he did not possess Mr. Modi’s horoscope at the time of releasing his prediction on google and his website pradeepvigastrology.com
BJP won with on majority in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand, but was able to form the Government in both Goa and Manipur as well in spite of Congress Leading in Both the States.
The Saturn transit in the last week on January 2017 has strengthed India/ Modi’s position said Mr. Vig on his website in Feb 2017.
About the Future, Mr. Vig says “Mr. Modi shall lead India on the development and progressive Road Map and would win and form government again in 2019.


Pradeep Vig is a renowned Astrologer and a Vaastu Shastra Consultant based out of New Delhi, India. He sees Astrology for what it is, a divine science, a way of life. His wisdom in Astrology is not derived from any books or training but from practical research and divine intuition. He has done extensive research on hundreds of real charts of people and verified numerous astrological positions & combinations.

With genuine intent to guide people through the divine science of Astrology, he also leverages his expertise in Face Reading, Numerology, Vaastu, and Spirituality to provide practical and actionable guidance in his consultations.

His clients include all leading Politicians, Film Stars, Businessman and Professionals from all walks of life besides thousands of followers from all over the world. His other current business interests include Consulting, Buying and Selling of Real Estate on a Pan India basis.

27 MARCH 2017


After independence, Yogi Adityanath will be one of the finest Chief Ministers of U.P. With his competent abilities he will surely handle all the challenging situations. Yogi Adityanath will create new dimensions of development in U.P with his effective and influential steps. The people will experience benefits under his competent leadership. It will not be easy for him as he will be surrounded by lots of controversies and the opposition parties too will keep pouncing upon him. As predicted by me earlier, Saturn entering in Sagittarius will activate issues related to women safety, anti-corruption, growth and development, will generate employment opportunities for youth and opposition party will get weaker. For Yogi this time is quite favourable. Within two and a half years time Indian Culture will get glorified. U.P will be among the fastest growing states like Gujarat. In his road to development everyone will experience peace, safety, sense of security. He will work with utmost honesty. Women safety and anti-corruption in U.P will be the ultimate priorities. After 17th August, 2017 Rahu and Ketu will change their positions. Yogi’s vision is bound to expand and he will introduce new schemes in U.P. which no previous Chief Minister could have imagined. Modi Ji’s vision of making Uttar Pradesh into Uttam Pradesh will be executed with speed and effectiveness and later on Yogi Ji will start getting supported by the Muslims. Between July and August all the pending issues and hard decisions will get through because of the powerful placement of Sun which as well would help in resolving the major pending issue of Ram Mandir and Babari Masjid dispute as Ram Mandir will be constructed at Ayodhya. Sun and Jupiter will be in favour of the same post 12th September, 2017 as Jupiter will transit from Virgo to Libra.

3 JULY 2017


Saturn is transiting your first house. You will find new responsibilities and many time you will feel them as a burden on you. You might feel low in vitality sometimes. But the wise sage Saturn will bring a brand new set of opportunities modifying your overall life direction as this is first house – Your Ascendant making you wiser and closer to your purpose. Saturn deals with structure and foundations. It will set the structure of your life making things happen considering you are focused and woking hard. You will evolve and have a sense of maturity, be more realistic. Note: These are generic predictions, for individual’s specific prediction it is essential to review the complete chart and planetary cycles.