You will make good provision for your future and have the likelihood of becoming wealthy. This time will bring you fame and much popularity. You may get upset due to the behavior of some of your loved ones, but the second half of the month looks better, comparatively; and your troubles will vanish away gradually. However, I would suggest you not to bother what anyone says during this time. This is best way to keep calm and live in peace. Matters of love, marriage and affection will play a very important role in your life and you will be greatly swayed by such things. You will succeed best in business or profession dealing with the public. People in art such as music literature and theatre will do great. People related to the media, entertainment industry and software will flourish during this month. Demands of the relatives and family. Friends will keep you back home. You will have to create a balance with your work and domestic issues. Also, you will get a good hold over the difficult situations with your intelligent planning. You should make every effort to carry out any important thing for yourself and you should pay particular attention to your throat lungs and heart. Falling in love with someone living at a distant place is also there on your cards. Some unexpected expenses which might disturb your bank balance are foreseen. Time is favorable for students. You need to expand your horizon and open yourself to a new pattern of working as whatever is going since past months. Your finances will be fluctuating, and you will earn after completing some pending work. However, your new projects will be on hold. Therefore, you will have to run your expenses from your existing source of income. You are advised to take precautions and do some relaxing exercises like dancing, yoga or meditation to keep yourself fit during this month.

Remedy: Offer a mixture of rice and milk to a cow.