You will be constructive mentally and Capable of making plans on a big scale. You will carry on these ideas of yours on your own but do not trust too much on others. Because of your great ambition you will rise in life by your own efforts and your determination. You will meet many jealous people and will make many enemies in whatever your carrier maybe still you will do well in all forms of public life no matter what class it may be. Everything will be quite happening at your place. Everything will be positive at work. Looks like this is a celebration time for you. Financial situation will also be satisfactory. This is something going to take you unawares that so many favors are coming your way. Expenditure may increase and your health may also deteriorate in between. Don’t worry; nothing major is going to happen with you. Hence, it will be important to work with patience and intelligence. The students will have a better concentration, which will bring fruitful results. Your personal life will be rocking and you will spend a relaxing time with your dear ones. You will invest money on some policies for your children and spouse. If planning to buy a new vehicle for personal use then this time is favorable. You can receive some rental income from your heritage property. Avoid investing in the share market. Do not think of earning money from gambling or any other unethical sources as they may cause losses in the long run. In health sudden and unexpected illnesses are likely to happen. You might go through some operations but against that there will be a long periods of good health. The senior citizens need to be particular as they may face some issues related to joint pains and acute constipation. You should avoid consumption of liquor during this time as it may worsen your health. You will plan to go on an intimate trip with your partner to have some great moments together; also you will frequently go on special dinners and lunches during this month.

Remedy: Offer milk and sugar to Maa Parvati on Fridays. Light an oil lamp in front of Shani Dev on Saturday post-sunset.