This month might be mind-blowing for you in some matters. If you have reached the age of getting married, wedding bells are all set to ring. So, be prepared! It doesn’t matter if you are getting married or anyone in your family, wedding bells will definitely ring around you. You will spend a pleasant family life. You will do a lot of social work in this period. You will have a keen desire to help others or lift the submerged class to a better position. You have to maintain good relations with your friends and brothers. If your politeness can improve the relations, be polite. You will not spare yourself in whatever work you said yourself to do. You will get wonderful and unexpected chances and opportunities coming your way. You will be suspicious towards your enemies and people can only influence you through kindness and sympathy. You should act tactful and diplomatic then only you will be able to be good at winning secrets from others. In this period you will be interested in occult studies. You might suffer from moods of temperament. There are good chances of promotion. Looks like it’s a fantabulous time for you. You may have to travel due to work. However, most of them may go in vain. But anyways, you will be chilling out. Though your finances seem in better health this mont , yet investing with a blindfold won’t be a good idea. People related to business will be in a mood to do something special, but job related people may feel disappointed. People engaged in job will get less favorable results as compared to their hard work. So work calmly. Still you will be able to accumulate money. You will get favorable results if you want to join banking, management or administration courses or if you are already doing them. Finally, you got one thing to be concerned about. Health may give you some ups and downs but, it doesn’t mean that you will definitely fall ill. Take care of your joints, bones and especially in the knees.

Remedy: Donate almonds in the temple. Respect your elders specially your father-in-law.