This month is going to be all about your honour, prestige and authority and an advancement of your work life. You can get a lot of support from your family members and partner too. Chances of marriage can also be created for the unmarried folks. Like last month this month also you will make sure to travel. You will get auspicious news of having a child. Students who are aiming to get higher education will definitely get what they desire. Those who plan to study abroad will also be successful. This period might bring patches of troubled times, but it will also provide you with the strength to fight all your battles and emerge victoriously. You are advised not to take stress as it may affect your personal life and clashes might erupt with your partner. There could be increase in the number of enemies you have and this might cause harmful effects on your health. However, the effects will not be as severe as you would fear. You will have to keep patience in the middle of this month. You will have to deal with some property issues and you might have to face some legal challenges due to this situation. Do not believe in luck at this time. Keep working hard. You might face problems in getting your money back, given as loan, so be alert. You will proceed forward in your life with new energy. Health issues may also disturb you especially cough, cold and viral fever. Not a very favourable time to acquire property during this time and especially if it has the paternal side to it. You can also find a partner you always wanted. You will get happiness and cooperation from your life partner but only if you yourself are in a pleasant state of mind. To acquire harmony in your family life you should be patient and spiritually strong enough. Overall a mixed period with little ups and downs. To get good results and expansion use your contacts and communication and don’t let any opportunity go in vain.

Remedy – Go to Shani temple every Saturday after sunset.