Your financial conditions will get strengthened. You have been struggling too much but now you will find peace and happiness in your life. Forget the past and start working on the things you have been delaying because this is the best time to be out there trusting your intuition and working on yourself. You may face some issues at your workplace. You need to be well prepared for these challenges and take precautions very strictly. Maintain your reputation with your seniors and try to be always on the top of your moves. These precautions will certainly give you the best results of your hard work. Those of you who work in the field of law or research will benefit the most from this. If you are in a relationship or have issues with your family members be careful. Those who are interested in marriage and have been facing difficulties for a long time, especially those going for love marriage, this time will give you positive results. You will finally get the support of your family members. Those unmarried, who are not yet in any kind of relationship, will also have positive opportunities. Those planning to start yoga or practice meditation, this will be the right time to start it. Your overseas trip plans might just happen and you may have to go on several of them. Overall time for hardwork with little health issues along with some property disputes erupting. People who are in the field of hospitality, real estate, ancient astrology, Vaastu and science may have the opportunity to start or expand their business. All you need to do is to keep a low profile. Your wisdom and enthusiasm will increase. An auspicious month for family functions and important ceremonies.

Remedy – Read Hanuman Chalisa.