Initial month will cause issues in your work and luck fronts. If you feel stuck at work then try to take a step back and relax to give yourself time to think and then resume your work. Try not to begin anything new or take any big projects as it might not be the right time for you. Keep a cool head when dealing with issues. Otherwise the situations will cause issues in your work and luck fronts. Consult with your astrologer and seek guidance on how to proceed further. In the middle of the month after 18 December, things would turn progressive again. You will find success and get paid for your patience and hard work. This period also suggests health issues for you, especially related to your weight. You might buy a new vehicle or a home. You will see an improvement in your mother’s health. Present time will fill you up with positive energy. With luck on your side, you will be able to complete all the work that was pending or needed your attention. You can also acquire property during this time, especially if there is a paternal side to it. There will be an increase in salary for those in jobs. This time also can be financially good for you. You will spend on auspicious occasions and your domestic life will be busy but peaceful. It is also an auspicious period to plan a family. You will carry a dynamic influence to tackle your opponents but it is also advisable that you avoid aggression and ego clashes with others with a more focused and practical approach and you will really work hard to progress rapidly at the career front. Also be prepared to get new assignments and responsibilities. Some emotional issues may start to bother you again during the latter parts as you might feel much occupied and with some unknown stress on your mind.

Remedy – Feed the crow with kheer and worship Rahu on Sunday.