In the beginning of the month you will get many opportunities regarding your work and you might get confused. You will have to make compromises in partnership and joint ventures but the good thing is that everything will go in your favour. You will have to face some hurdle in your day to day routine, which might make you upset. You will feel some ups and down in life. Small targets will seem like big challenges. Making small savings now is very important. Avoid arguments and litigation though you will have upper hand but precautions are must. Avoid making any new contract. From the middle month your monetary level will become strong. Health issues will not resolve yet so be very careful. Over eating should be avoided. Money management, hard work, wise investment and spending money wisely is advised. After 16th of this month you will enjoy luxury, travel and familial bliss. You will enjoy and have full support from your friends, family and spouse.

Remedy: Read Durga Chalisa.