Most of the period of this month will remain supportive and positive. However, there will be phases when you will start having strange fearful feelings. You may take wrong decisions so analyse things with logic to sort out your problems to attain wisdom and success for sure. Your work may require patience. This month may also offer you some great opportunities for progress. This month may bring you mixed results. Chances of higher studies and education is bright and impressive. In between the month you may see rise in tensions. You will be maintaining a good rapport with friends and they will inspire you and will support you when needed. If you have been having problems with your health recently then this is the time to be more vigilant as it may remain slightly sluggish. Due to this situation you may feel stressed so try to keep yourself healthy and exercise regularly. Good time for long term investment but avoid being greedy. If going through some family dispute then you will get an opportunity for outside court settlement. Deals related to property will get delayed and might not give desirable financial gains. You will be able to enjoy your family life with utmost satisfaction. You will fulfil your commitments and duties towards your spouse and family. In the end of the month travelling will very beneficial.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva.