This month your expenditures will increase as unnecessary expenses might flood in. Don’t lend money otherwise you might get cheated. You might get into a fight related to money with someone. Drive very carefully. You might get disturbed and upset with the delay in some of your important project. People in business might feel insecure this month. Some of you might have to work hard to earn their livelihood. Avoid unnecessary arguments and don’t indulge yourself in any kind of fight which can harm your self esteem. In the end of this month you will see things turning your side and all the plans you have made will get materialised. Your social and economical status will improve. You will spend on luxury and your enemies will get defeated. Your hobby of studying will also increase and will keep you in the light and a happy mood. Students will have to work very hard to attain good marks. Domestic and health life remains normal. Travel carefully. You will keep getting support from your family and children time and again. Sometimes you will see the entire family standing with you when you need their support. Especially for younger siblings, you can get a lot of support at this time.

Remedy – Donate White clothes to handicapped people.