Your main focus this month should be your health. Your health might see a big downfall and to avoid this situation regular check ups and precautions are advised strictly. You will see a lot of alterations and variations this month both negative and positive. As far as personal life is concerned this month is going to be a rollercoaster for you. Your health is the main concern As you might face some health problems. Keep a watch and try to indulge in healthy workout with a good diet. An average period for marriage life and to make it healthy you have to put extra care and constant efforts to get full support from your partner every thick and thin. You might spend on buying and selling of vehicles and you will see yourself inclining to words spiritualism. As far as your carrier is concerned you will go through a lot of modifications in terms of your job and business both. You will be a lot of changes and any wrong step will affect your carrier drastically. You really need to be wise and a lot while making important decisions this month. Avoid any normal and huge changes this month. Business expansion is also expected with lot of challenges and opportunities coming your way. If planning to change your job or to switch over to some new carrier project I would advise you to wait for the right time specially this month. If you feel something is pulling you down still do not give up because in the end of this month some changes in your business and carrier are bound to happen. Avoid travelling especially long travels and abroad. Charities and meditations are advised for spiritual and mental health.

Remedy: Donate shoes to sweeper.