This will be a month of challenges, hurdles, delays and changes. Beginning will be little sluggish for your carrier. Avoid taking any crucial decisions and avoid partnerships. Any decision taken regarding business this month will not prove very fruitful. Your expenses will increase drastically. Take well measured decisions and do not lend money this month. Quarrels with your younger son siblings also indicated. Legal problems related to property and finances will keep you in a tense mood and you will have to face fractions and conflicts with relatives with frequent quarrels which will make you restless. Stay away from the company of bad friends. You will get attracted to words the luxuries and high class luxury items but the end of the month assures A peaceful environment both at home and at the working place .you can avoid many problems with your common sense and ability of making wise decision. Avoid financial disputes. Travelling is indicated. Health issues will be resolved. Do not take any financial help from anyone. Students may feel stressed due to pressure of studies. Overall an average period with Lot of ups and downs.

Remedy: Visit shani temple every Saturday.