Whatever confusion was going in your mind from a few days would finally come to an end .This will enable you to take the right decision regarding the directions for your future projects and relationships too. Some unexpected and demanding task will come up in near future. There is no need to worry.  You will handle it and soon earn the praise of everyone. Monetary gains are likely to prevail and this will help you to save some for the longer run. The month goes in your favour and you are going to shine and rise in your professional life. Your seniors will be proud of your excellent performance and dedicated work .You will get many opportunities to prove your caliber and talent. A right time to make professional decisions too. If you are really looking for a job, you should go .exceptionally good time for people in business. You will get some good opportunities related to your field of work. Those who have started working recently will also do well. Mild health problems like cold and cough may bother you. Avoid making rash plans in future. Avoid financial investments. Avoid over expenditure. Some guests will visit and surprise you .You will get cooperation from your family and life partner. Pregnant ladies need to be extra careful. Singles will get good marriage proposals.

Remedy: Offer jal to Surya.