You have good times due to beneficial planetary aspects. You will see enormous development in your life. Professional progress is confirmed. The financial position will be great. Family atmosphere will be happy and harmonious. You will have the support of your elder family members. For health an average month for your well-being is predicted. You have to get away from your hectic life and take sufficient time to rejuvenate. You will have tremendous confidence to handle any kind of adverse situations. You may be inclined towards earning through unjust means. Your self-discipline, self-monitoring and control over your daily routine will be beneficial to you. Positive changes in your personal and professional life will take place. You may gain paternal properties. In addition to relaxation, a good fitness regime coupled with proper diet will enhance your health prospects. Students cherish the pleasant surroundings and will excel in their studies and other activities. You have to draw plans for future career growth and work towards it. Social contacts will not be able to help you. But you will get the support from your colleagues and your spouse. Avoid risky ventures and speculations. Avoid investments or you can postpone them for time being. Traveling seems to be on the cards as you might plan visiting a religious place. If in business you will get the chance to crack the most awaited deal by the end of this month. There are indications of gains if you invest in the second half of this month. Pregnant ladies should be extra attentive to their mental and physical needs. If you are planning for marriage, make sure you don’t hurry up for things!

Remedy: Read Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays.