This month will be full of wonderful surprises for you. At work, due to your extra efforts and diligence you will get a lot of appreciation. A brighter career is indicated. Good time for your business and career. Be careful from your rivals as they may get envious and try to harm your image. Do not make big and heavy investment, you might lose your money. Be cautious while dealing in money matters. A promotion at work is also indicated. Students will excel at studies .they will get excellent grades. End of this month students have to be more focused on studies. Issues with business partners & specifically a female partner could be felt during middle of this month. Those in service will be respected for their skills and integrity. Some of you may be rewarded with prestigious postings at work. You will meet and get support of influential people. New friendship and social circle will increase tremendously. Relationships might be a bit tricky in this period because you might expect more. Watch your wasteful expenses otherwise it will become a cause of concern. Health should not be neglected. Avoid wasteful and unnecessary travelling. Travel & investments should be done wisely after putting a lot of thought into it. Please make your choices well. As is already indicated in your horoscope, travel this year only if necessary.         

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman and offer clothes in a Hanuman Temple on a Tuesday.