Domestic front seems to be very weak as everyone at home can go against your decisions. There will be huge arguments and fights related to parental property. Change of place is also indicated in this period. Don’t take too much stress as it will have a negative impact on your health. Share your problems with your friends which might reduce your mental stress. You will have to face a lot of challenges in your professional life. You will make some higher level contacts which might prove to be profitable. You will complete your pending projects. Be very careful when dealing with the higher authorities. No new business partnership and new ventures advised. Do not expect any major deal now. Your good connections will keep helping you from time to time. Job change is also seen. High expenses are also indicated. These expenses might be related to your children. Physical health needs a lot of care. Children should be careful around electrical appliances. Avoid sharing your emotions with anyone in your family. Manage your savings carefully. Avoid hindering at matters related to parental property this month and if a lawsuit is in progress the results may not be in your favour. Drive carefully. The more you are focused the better you will be able to deliver yourself in the domestic and professional life. Make a wise use of the opportunities that are coming your way and keep up the determination.

Remedy: Donate black clothes on Saturdays.