You will see an excellent flow of cash and gains even from unexpected sources. You will have a happy and stable state of mind. You will plan to start some new business venture and you will spend on auspicious occasions at your home. You will spend on luxurious domestic items. Theft is on the cards so keep a check on things and your belongings to avoid mishaps. While investing your finances try to take financial assistance from people you trust the most. As far as health is concerned headaches, eyes related issues might bother you. Seasonal change troubles might also bother you. Avoid overeating in this period. Good time for job seekers. People working in the financial sector can get good opportunity. Try out different financial ventures as this is the good time to invest. Mentally you will be happy and comfortable. Spouse and children will give lot of happiness and warmth. Gains from ancestral property is also indicated. Overall a good time.

Remedy: Feed monkeys with banana.