You will get several chances to grow spiritually this month. You might go to some religious place or for a pilgrimage. This is the time which is going to help you To plan your life in a much better manner. you will get many opportunities to grow , learn and improve your abilities to success. This is the time to take wise decisions related to your property. Do not give any guarantees as you might be betrayed. Favourable time for finances, expansion and business.Growth for business is confirmed. All those people Who are looking for jobs will get satisfactory and desired jobs. Avoid taking any crucial decisions if in partnership. Keep your expenses in check. Take well measured decisions and do not lend money to anybody. Take good care of your health and avoid unnecessary tensions. Maintain your health and fitness. Do not ignore any health problem specially related to stomach and heart ailments. Some issues related to domestic matters me worry you as you may not be able to find satisfactory solution for them. Professionally everything seems to be very favourable for be careful while driving.


Daily morning chant one Mala of Om shani shaneshcharya Namath and visit shani temple on Saturday .