The universe is helping and supporting you in each and every way and the key to success is patience.You will start some new work which will prove very beneficial and you will come in contact with big influential people. It is advisable to grow your public relations and make it strong and strengthened..Do not miss behave and remember your values and limits while dealing with people around you. Get very cautious with your legal matters and try to resolve issues with Mutual settlement. Because of unexpected guest your expenditure will also increase.Good time to invest in  vehicle.control your expenses as your responsibility will also increase to words your family and near dear ones. Control your tongue and do not indulge yourself in any arguments. Change your argumentative nature if possible and try to postpone your travelling this month. Stay away from disputes and be alert with government problems. Stay away from females as their is a possibility of getting defamed from some unknown problems will keep disturbing you.stay away from arguments. Your family needs your love and support so devoting time to your family is advised. Take small steps and don’t make hasty decisions. Health might suffer so be extra careful and only focus on your diet and well-being without skipping meals.


Feed the cows with green fodder on Wednesday and worship Lord Shiva