Good period as far as family and business is concerned. Income inflow will increase. You will see some auspicious occasion happening in your family. Over expenditure should be avoided strictly. Some challenging positions will come your way to test your abilities and skills. Students aspiring to go abroad for higher education will get good encouraging opportunities.success will be there but accompanied by certain level of struggle. You will handle all the obstacles fairly well coming in your way of progress. If planning to start some new business in partnership ,should be postponed as there are big chances of betrayal . You will have exciting opportunities so try to make best use of it. Avoid buying any property. Health is the only matter of concern.Your mother’s ill health will also keep you stressful. Travelling is indicated which would prove to be beneficial. Try to maintain your routine as doing something in excess May land you into trouble. Married couples take care about your relationship to preserve peace And harmony in marital life. On the whole good time ,enjoy!


Feed the monkeys with gud chana