Family life seems to be very satisfactory and you will get full cooperation of your spouse. Do not avoid his or her suggestions. Relations with your siblings will improve. Some auspicious ceremony may take place at your home. You may get support of your seniors. Financial position will improve gradually. Investing in stocks or immovable properties is not yet advisable. Professional life will be generally favourable. And you will get success in executing your pending work. Good time to claim your promotion if due. Beware of envious people. Sudden higher and wavering expenditures can give mental stress. Travelling is going to prove fun and some of you will get the opportunities to travel abroad.Overconfidence should be avoided during this month.Health may be the cause of concern during first half of the month. Those who are suffering from heart and chest related problems should take extra care. You still have to face some legal complications so you really need to be very careful while dealing with government authorities. Do not keep your work pending. Beware of legal complications.

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