This month can be considered as an average month .As the month progresses Your family and home will take most of your focus. You will get the support of your family members and relations with them will be cordial. Relations with the spouse will be pleasant most of the time and you will enjoy each other’s company. Favourable time for the lovers as some of them may get good opportunities to tie the knot. Financial position will get favourable In the middle of the month professional life also seems to be generally average.Your inclination to words spiritualism will increase. Those who are in jobs will get transfers .Students will have to put Extra efforts to achieve their goals. You have to take precautions on how you use the finances you get from your organisation that you work with. Caution should also be exercised while spending money at home.All ventures that are risky should also be put on hold to avoid overspending and losing money carelessly.In this month you will gain a lot from travelling.people who are single and are only interested In getting married Will get few opportunities in the end of this month. You will have to take good care of your health and well-being this month because the stars are not aligned in a manner favouring you. You should make it a point to ensure that your health does not deteriorate specially your immune system.Do not avoid your health during this time and avoid eating outside. Drive carefully.

Remedy: Offer jal to Surya with tinch of lal chandan