This month proves to be favourable in each and every aspect of your life.Your financial status seems to be perfect in this period. Sale and purchase of land or vehicle is strongly predicted. You will get some good news. Some of you in jobs will get promotion and that will be a strong reason for your happiness. You will spend on your children and some auspicious occasions and on home also. This month may prove to be favourable for the matter related to the family. The positive atmosphere at home will make you happy most of the time in this month. Your relatives and friends would be available for you supporting you strongly. Religious journey with family is also predicted this month. Your image will get better in your social circle and you will be admired and respected. Cordial marital relations could be seen but you need to control your aggression. Taking opinion of your spouse in the matter of finances is advised. Good time professionally and your seniors will be happy with your performance. Having a calm and a patient approach at work place will also fetch positive results for you. Investment in property will give good results. Higher expenditures in health would be a matter of concern. Take care of your stomach and bones. Some minor injury is possible during this time. For student this month is very good, they will be able to get success. Concentration level will be high. Good time for lovers and they will get consent of elders to get settled.

Remedy: Serve white things to Brahmins and elders and worship Lord Ganesha.