This month will give you mixed results. The first half proves to be good for professional life but the second half seems to be average. Your colleagues and your seniors will be very demanding. In the middle of the month you might get defamed and encounter some allegations too. Beginning of the month will give you good profits in your business. All those who are appearing for exams, interviews and all other competitions will get successful. Those who are looking for jobs will get it in the middle of the month. Strong possibilities of travelling abroad are also indicated. Your financial position looks good in the beginning but it may fluctuate in the middle of the month as expenses are expected to be very high. Do not lend money else you might get cheated.  Not a very favourable time for investment. Health needs a concern and timely medical checkups are required. Stop worrying and keep your mental worries away otherwise due to these tensions you might invite many diseases for you. To keep your energy levels high try some meditation and yoga. Students will give better results and those who are planning for higher education will get good opportunities but for that lot of hard work will be required. On one or another account you may face problems in your family relations. Keep your anger in control to avoid unnecessary arguments with your family members. Drive carefully and be very careful while dealing in property matters. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Hanuman daily.