This month you will deal in luxuries and materialistic comforts. No financial losses can be seen. Your business will flourish and you will learn well. Stay away from negative people and be optimistic in your approach towards life. You will enjoy mental peace. Your enemies will try to create problems for you and some obstacles might cross your path but you will be able to get through them. You might have to face health related problems so be careful. Maintain personal hygiene and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Long travel is indicated. You will travel abroad as well which will give you fruitful results. Married life seems to be good. Your children will be the apple of your eye and you will work hard to provide them with what they want need. If in politics you will get desired results. Your status will get elevated. You might think about investing your money. But investing in shares will not give you good results according to the planets’ positions. A harmonious relation among family members will help to create peaceful environment at home. You will fulfill all your responsibilities towards your family. You will enjoy social gathering and parties. 

Remedy: Serve Old elderly and poor people and donate white coloured objects on Friday and worship Lord Ganesha.