This month will give you good gains regarding land or property. Perform your duties well. All the losses you have faced in the past will get recovered. As far as your career is concerned you will get respect and honour along with incredible success. All your efforts are likely to get successful. You might get cheated or harmed by your own people. So you need to be extra careful. In this month you might get opportunity to start some new work. But avoid any auspicious work or an important work in the end of this month. There is a possibility of going on some good trips in this month. You will get good opportunities and you will receive benefits from overseas travels. Be very cautious in your relations with your family and friends. The one you trust more is likely to break your trust. Domestic dispute due to some other people is also indicated. You will feel dissatisfied but try to keep cordial relations with your family members. There is a possibility of receiving support from your life partner and luck may favour you as well. You should try and avoid any commercial investment. Health needs a concern regarding joint pains and skin issues. The only advise this month is try to share a warm relationship with your family members to build mutual harmony and cooperation for each other.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer milk Water on Monday and donate white coloured items.