Luck seems to be normal this month. There are some positive indications regarding your health as well. You will travel abroad. Your enemies are expected to remain healthy as well. You will travel abroad. Your enemies are expected to remain friendly towards you. They will not cause any damage. There is a possibility of acquiring a house, vehicle during this month. You will get political gains. Any attempt to make money will be favourable for you. Your condition may improve from career point of you. You will get promotion or higher rank or designation in your company. Your relations with your close ones make it better during this time. Your savings will improve. Luck will favour you more this month. Your ongoing legal case in the court will get resolved. Your marital life will be better but you have to take better care of yourself as you may feel stressed and lethargic. Take care of your health as you might deal with of cold and viral fever. Keep a check on your diet and go for routine medical check-ups. Trust your instincts to take an important decision of your life. Your financial situation may remain favourable. This month you will see tremendous growth. Be very careful while investing in your business. Do not lend any money. Not a very favourable time for your marriage as your life partner may not support you. Avoid unnecessary arguments. Your family may extend you more support personally and your family respect and reputation may increase. Your child may perform well in academics and extra-curricular activities.

Remedy: Offer gram, lentils and jaggery to the cow. Donate red colour materialson Tuesday and recite Hanuman Chalisa.