People who are involved in creative work will do very good in this period. The increase in growth and progress will be seen at the workplace. They will get recognition in their respective fields. People in fashion designing, architecture, cosmetics business will flourish in some new ventures. If in jobs your senior officials will be supportive and guide you to reach on the top. Overseas travelling is on the cards which will be good for your financial stability. You need to control your expenses. During this month you will have to take extra care regarding your health as this time is not very favourable for your health and fitness. Adopt good lifestyle to keep good health and prevent illness. Students who desire to study abroad will get fulfilled. As far as domestic front is concerned dispute regarding property can be experienced. Short distance travelling with your family is also indicated. Avoid taking financial help from friends, it may cost you your friendship and avoid lending money to anyone. Drive carefully and don’t trust people blindly. Stay away from arguments.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and serve the cows.