This period is not in your favour. This period seems to be average for people who are in business and jobs. Don’t involve in new ventures and focus on improvising on the present career that you have. Watch your finances and expenses wisely. Domestic front seems to be really bad in this period. Avoid any kind of disputes with your family and avoid quarrelsome surroundings. Increasing family responsibilities may increase your efforts to fulfill their needs and wishes. Control your temper and avoid arguments so that your family peace and harmony is not disturbed. Your children will do well but they need your encouragement to do better. Spending time with your family and going out on trips is advised. Refrain yourself from fast food as much as possible as this period seems to be harmful to your health. Go for regular check-ups just to maintain your health and spare some time for exercise as well. Control your expenses and prevent unwanted wastage of money. Do not involve in real estate business and stay away from message deals or anything which seems to be doubtful.

REMEDY: Worship Banana tree on Thursdays.