Your hard work will achieve you financial gains in this period and you will see some of your dream jobs will begin to manifest. In this period you can expect new growth in spirituality and religious ideology. You will get very intuitive in this period. In this time you will experience great energy and great health. You will put honest effort to become successful in business and personal relationships. Not a very good time as far as the relations with your mother is concerned. There are chances of a conflict with your mother. You will get job satisfaction and you will get recognized in your workplace. This is the time where you can show your best work to the world. Rise in financial gains are also indicated with huge profits. You will start a new venture and people in job might get a job shift but with a better and higher perks and salaries. If you have invested in the past then your past investments are likely to bring good results. You will plan to travel abroad with your family. This month seems to be favourable for you in all walks of life. The only thing you will be worried constantly about is for your kids. Your children will be the cause of stress for you therefore you should handle very carefully and seriously.

REMEDY: Donate Copper Vessels to beggars.