Those who have job may  receive positive results or will get appreciation in some form. Middle of the month is going to be full of ups and downs and will give you mixed results. You may feel anxiety taking over you making you quite enraged and angry even over petty matters. Your relations with your Family members will not be cordial at all. Specially with your father and brother. You will have to be very cautious and aware Regarding your surroundings. At some point you might feel that your life is turning gloomy . Handle your financial issues very carefully or you might get deceived by someone .there is a possibility that you may have to spend some money on Auspicious occasion in your family. You should focus upon your health this month and Pay special attention to your health. Those suffering from heart diseases must remain careful and avoid any kind of mental pressure. Do not make hasty decisions and think rationally before making any move to avoid any kind of losses. For students this is a period of hard work and those who are preparing for medical or engineering will get good results.