A very favourable period for any kind of financial investments which will bring better results. All your past planning will actually get implemented. Some guests are also expected which might increase your expenditure. Foreign travels will add to your expenses. Be careful when travelling. You are most likely to suffer from stomach disorder and backache. Precaution is always better than cure save yourself from the extra trouble of visiting the doctor all the time. Eat well and perform regular exercises. You may get a good hike in your salary and businessmen will also receive monetary gains. Stay away from disputes and be alert with government problems. Good time for students specially for those who are interested in literature, singing, art and history. You will start some new venture with the help of big influential people. This is a good time for shopping and spending on luxury. Avoid arguments. Stay away from disputes and be alert with the government problems. Do not Lend any money. You will be super busy and constantly on your toes specially the professionals. Couples who want to get committed and get into marriage Surprisingly this month may turn to be a memorable one for you.