This is the month of mixed results. This month will depend on your hard work. Long travels are also on the card. Travelling may cause mental stress. In the end of the month travelling might add to your expenses. Avoid stepping into new work or new plans till mid of this month. Very bleak chances of monetary grain gain. To enjoy a better financial stability, keep your expenses in check any kind of lending or borrowing of money should be avoided. Domestic front seems to be rough this month differences are likely to prevail among family members try to sort out things peacefully. Avoid hinting at matters related to parental property this month .if a lawsuit is in progress, results may not be in your favour. Health seems to be weak because of mental stress keep your blood pressure levels in check .drive carefully and stay away from water bodies. Strictly avoid sharing any sensitive matters or secrets with your partner at this time .clashes with any female might result wasteful and turn into argument. This period is not favourable for any kind of financial investments. Partnership will not work out. Try to maintain a cordial atmosphere at home and your work place . Avoid anger and frustration so that you don’t spoil your work and happiness both. Drive carefully.