You will see that all the planning of the past are actually getting implemented. Try to avoid unnecessary expenditure which might flood in .You will spend on luxuries this month. You may spend on children for some Auspicious occasion. Domestic life seems to be happy and you will get some auspicious news and you might spend on social work. If looking to get married suitable proposal may soon come your way. A joyful period for the family. Travelling enjoyment will be the key this month and you will spend on vehicles also. Some guests are also expected which might increase your expenditure. Avoid trusting people blindly as someone is planning a big conspiracy against you. Be careful when travelling and keep your health and check .foreign travels Will add to your expenses. A wonderful time for the kids. Avoid being aggressive and always keep a calm approach. Restlessness and over workload may lead to health issues. Overall a good month with decent financial gains but strictly avoid sharing any sensitive matters or secrets with anyone which might turn out into an argument. Very favourable period for any kind of financial investments and this period will bring better results.