This man seems to be very fortunate and ways of income inflow will increase. You will see some auspicious okay Asians happening in your family. Domestic life seems to be good. Higher growth prospects are indicated in the carrier front. Avoid unnecessary struggle. You have to be Very careful while driving. Over expenditure should be avoided strictly. Some challenging positions will come your way to test your abilities and skills. Students are advised to keep their focus on studies so that they can improve and get better results. Students aspiring to go abroad for higher education will get good encouraging opportunities. Success is assured but will be accompanied by certain level of struggle. You will handle all the obstacles fairly well coming in the way of your progress. Good time for people in job. You will get Exciting opportunities so try to make best use of it. Execute your plans carefully and avoid buying any property in this period. Your health seems to be fine but health of a family member may put you in trouble so you better have a proper check on it. While driving you should be very very careful as injuries are indicated.