Financially it is going to be a highly auspicious month and you will get some new opportunities of money inflow in the beginning of the month but financial turbulence is expected later on and will weaken your financial condition. All the pending plans will be executed easily. You may face hassles in between but it’s a blissful period for you and you will overcome this with your strong determination. You should be very careful with dealing with new people are you might get cheated. Family atmosphere will be harmonious . Drive carefully and avoid travelling as you might get injured. Avoid minor issues at home. You need to take care of your health in this period as some skin related issues, constipation, fever may affect you. Avoid junk and try to be stress free as much as is possible. Students will do fairly good in their exams and will come out with flying colours. Some students may get a chance to go abroad for higher education. Please do not give any false promises if in a relationship.

Remedy: Feed the birds with boiled rice.