Acting wisely and keeping patience is the key to success. This is the period where patience is required for making important decisions and you will achieve success to some extent. Very good time for travelling as the chances of a foreign visit seem bright. You should stay away from your relatives otherwise there will be reason for stress for you in future. You will get immense support from your friends. Renovations are on the card. You may give your house a little repair and makeover. You will go out on a pleasure trip with your spouse. Health seems to be fine and will get better from last month but taking care of mental health is much more important this month. Refrain yourself from overspending and control your expenses. For business it’s a good time and you will be able to achieve all your goals without any hassles. Try to use your innovations and ideas during this time to fetch profits from shares and investments in stocks. Try to do your best in this time for your business.

Remedy: Donate old clothes to beggars.