Domestic and health front remains normal. Drive and travel carefully. This month your expenditure will increase than your income. Unnecessary expenses my flood in. You might get disturbed and upset due to the delay in some of your old and important projects. People in business might feel insecure this month and some of you might have to work hard to own their livelihood. Do not lend money otherwise you will be betrayed. In the end of this month you will see things turning aside and all the plans you have made will get materialised. Your social and economical status will increase. You will spend on luxury and your enemy will get defeated. You will get help of a close friend who will further fetch you with good profit and expand your business in the future. Avoid excessive travel as your health needs to be taken care of. Students should avoid wasting time on entertainment and internet and should work hard. Avoid taking a loan this month.

Remedy: Donate old shoes to poor people.