Aries ( Moon Sign )

It’s a good period for career and growth. There’s a possibility of stressful relation with the spouse but improvement will be seen gradually by the end of the month. Avoid giving loans as there are chances of delay in repay. Ancestral property, litigations are likely to be resolved in your favour. Support from government officials will keep you going. Students may expect good results. Self employed professionals might have to struggle hard. Possibility of losing money in unwanted channel is foreseen.

Read Durga Chalisa

Taurus ( Moon Sign )

Conditions are likely to be tough initially. Gradually things will improve. Those looking for new opportunities will come across with some good offers. On the domestic front, things flow smoothly. Theft at home or office is foreseen. Avoid travelling in this period as it may become a reason for stress. Some auspicious ceremony will take place at home. It will keep you happy. Watch your expenses on luxury and avoid lose talks.

Feed the poor with sweets.

Gemini ( Moon Sign )

Businessmen will enjoy good progress. They will get the required funds to finance their projects. Those employed will get good exciting offers. Investing in property will prove beneficial. You will be amazed by a good flow of money in this period which will be spent on luxury and enjoyment. Those who are willing to buy house will be able to do so. You may face government problems.

Feed the dogs with milk.

Cancer ( Moon Sign )

Strong wishes may come true and pending jobs or delayed projects finish with good results. Domestic life will be harmonious with some auspicious occasions at home which will bring happiness to the family. There is a possibility of theft and chances of fire which can lead to huge losses. To avoid these circumstances follow my remedies so that they do not become a cause of concern. Married life appears to be satisfactory. Financial position will keep increasing. Expenditure on expensive items is expected.

Feed food to handicapped individuals.

Leo ( Moon Sign )

This month will give positive results. You will get support and happiness from your family and friends as well. You will get fame and respect from your social circle. You may travel abroad for some business purposes. Financial position will become strong and you may purchase some new vehicle. Health will be generally good throughout. You will get support from government officials and will develop relations with bureaucrats. Overall a successful period for professionals and those in jobs. Enemies and opponents will not get success in their attempts.

Offer jal to Surya with a pinch of Red Chandan Powder.

Virgo ( Moon Sign )

Family life appears to be normal. Good time for lovers. Some of you may also avail the opportunities to turn your love life into married life. You will get positive results at your professional front. Possibility in the growth of status. Those in jobs will get promotion. Some of you will make new friends. Some lost item may be found. Some may see delay in building new projects. Students will show favourable results. Take care of your health.

Feed the dogs.

Libra ( Moon Sign )

There is a possibility of shifting your residence. Some may separate from their families. Health of some family members may also be the cause of concern. Heavy expenditures are foreseen. Difficult period for married people. Avoid arguments and misunderstandings. Keep a watch on your expenditures. Avoid travelling in hilly areas and avoid fighting with friends. Professionals should be cautious with their colleagues and juniors. You may not get the support from them. Students will get good results. Control your anger.

Read Hanuman Chalisa.

Scorpio ( Moon Sign )

You will not be in a good state of mind due to stress in profession. Married life also remains stressful. Health of spouse will also be the cause of concern which needs your attention. Try to maintain the harmony to keep yourself tension free. Possibility of fraud by a closed friend or a relative is foreseen. Financially you will experience a decent money flow by the end of this month. My advice is that you should take help of some elderly person and consult time to time. Meditating will keep you peaceful.

Worship Lord Hanuman.

Saggitarius ( Moon Sign )

Seems to be a good and a favourable period. You will get support and help from your family members. Your wishes will be fulfilled. Expenditure on luxurious items is foreseen. Financial position will be satisfactory. It is also possible that you will earn great profits than you expected. Those seeking support from government will start getting it. People in job will get promotion. Overall domestic front will experience happiness with some auspicious occasion at home. You will gain respect from seniors. This month will bring happiness and you will win hearts with your sweet tongue.

Feed cows with green vegetables.

Capricorn ( Moon Sign )

Generally a period of mixed results. You need to be careful about your married life. Some ego problem may spoil the relations with spouse and in laws. There could be a difference of opinion and gradually you may feel some misunderstandings cropping up. Some kind of dispute with neighbour is also foreseen. Those in business will also find this period unfavourable. Professionals may not get support of their seniors and colleagues. Difference of opinion will not give good results and can portray your bad image. Avoid travelling as it may cause losses. Try to avoid arguments.

Worship Shani and visit Shani temple every Saturday.

Aquarius ( Moon Sign )

People in job may have a stressful period. Some may have an extra marital affair with elder lady. Married life relations may not be cordial and loss of money is foreseen due to litigation. You may face shortage of funds and your financial position will keep fluctuating. Businessmen will face losses. Any heavy investment during this period should be avoided as it may result in losses. Keep a watch on your expenses. Be careful of government problems. Health may be a cause of worry. Those who are suffering from ailments or infections need to take more care.

Feed the cows.

Piscec ( Moon Sign )

This is a good period for those who are in business. They will see improvement and they might start a new project besides this. Jobless will avail the opportunity to find a new job. Income will increase. Opponents will be helpless. Those who seek promotion will get if it is due. Travelling will be favourable. Good financial position will encourage you to invest in some profitable business. Litigation will be in your favour. Family life will generally be harmonious. End of disputes with friends and relatives.

Donate clothes to blind people.

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