Aries ( Moon Sign )

Beginning of the month will show profitable results in business. Hard work done by you will prove to be favourable. Unemployed people will get job. All those who have incomplete or pending jobs may get through it. You will remain optimistic and energetic. This phase will increase your physical and mental strength. Perform the remedies which I give to get maximum positive results. Favourable time for travelling abroad.

Serve the poor with sweets. Serve the elders and get their blessings.

Taurus ( Moon Sign )

Family life may get disturbed due to no support from wife, children and other family members. Misunderstanding for a small period may develop. Avoid the disputes in your family. Heavy investment in property and business or expansion should generally be avoided. Be very careful while starting any new job in this period. It may cause unnecessary tension. Avoid taking loans or some of you may take loans which would only invite unknown tensions. Any loan taken may take long time to repay. Travelling is not advised in this period. You may have to work hard. Overall a stressful period which can disturb the mental peace.

Avoid heavy investments. Donate milk to poor. Feed the dogs occasionally.

Gemini ( Moon Sign )

Possibility of getting defamed at your work place. Not a very promising time for business. Borrowing funds are not advised. Possibility of taking loans. Be cautious of your unnecessary expenditures. Not a sweet period for lovers. They may face bitterness from their families. Health will improve. You need to pay more attention to improve money matters, to avoid any kind of losses. Be careful with your image. Your opponents may be active to defame you. My remedies will bring improvement and desirable results gradually.

Feed the birds. Feed the cows with green fodder occasionally.

Cancer ( Moon Sign )

Married life appears to be satisfactory. Keeping faith in your spouse will develop healthy relations. Favourable time for all who are willing to tie not. This period may not be considered favourable for professionals. You may be betrayed in jobs and business. Unnecessary and hot arguments with juniors which may not give good results. Average financial positions. Government employees may worry due to transfers. Students will find this period beneficial. Positive results can be expected.

Worship lord Shiva. Donate white sweets to Brahamans.

Leo ( Moon Sign )

Overall a delightful period for leos. Business will also flourish in this period. Professionals may get desired growths. Favourable time to acquire property. Financial position will become strong. Health will also be generally good. Family harmony may increase mental health. Overall a period where you may feel an increase in fame, respect, dignity from your social circle. You may enjoy positive results. Some auspicious occasion at home can bring happiness. Students will feel more focused.

Offering water to sun and taking blessings of father will give protection.

Virgo ( Moon Sign )

Family life appears to be harmonious. You may get help and support from friends, relatives and government. Avoiding arguments is advised. Travelling will give positive and favourable results and will prove beneficial. Males should avoid female friends as they may ruin your image. Avoid expenditures more than your income. Beware of injuries. Professionals may expect to get desired promotions. Avoid legal competitions.

Feed the fish.

Libra ( Moon Sign )

From beginning only you may face some sort of problems at your family front. Avoid any ancestral property issues. Married life may also remain stressful. Avoid misunderstandings. Possibility of accidents and professional life also may not be satisfactory. You may not get support from your seniors and colleagues. Some of you may be transferred. It may prove good for some. Disputes in property matter will keep you worried but you will be likely to get legal support in your favour.

Worship lord Shiva and offer jal to Shivling.

Scorpio ( Moon Sign )

Generally health will be fine but all those who are suffering from ailments need to take care. Some obstruction at work place may not be ruled out. Government employees should be careful as there is a possibility of allegations. Even imprisonment cannot be ruled out. Opponents may create hurdles and may not prove to be helpful. Overall not a very favourable time. You will have to deal with this stressful period and try to resolve things amicably. You may start feeling distressed due to the circumstances around you. Avoid unwanted situations and misunderstandings. Do not adopt any illegal ways.

Feed jaggery to cow.

Saggitarius ( Moon Sign )

Misunderstandings may surround you in this time. Do not take guarantee from any friend or relatives. You might be betrayed. You need to be patient this month. Avoid travelling as there is a possibility of injury. Average period for professionals. Possibility of transfer is there. You may face some allegations. Do not lend money to anyone in this period as it may take a long time to recover. Be careful in money matters and do not trust easily.

Feed the cow with channa dal.

Capricorn ( Moon Sign )

Family life runs smooth. You may get support from your family members. Taking interest in family matters is advised. Some may face government problems. Keep a good watch on your expenses as they may increase more than your income. Avoid travelling as there are strong chances of accidents. Average times for those in business, especially those in partnership may face losses. Overall avoid tension and stress, keep yourself strong enough so that you can meet the challenges of upcoming period. Do not associate with people with bad character.

Feed the dogs and donate iron utensils to poor people.

Aquarius ( Moon Sign )

You will enjoy your family life and get support from your family members. Health will remain average and students will get success. They may concentrate on their studies more and will hopefully shine in competitive and other examinations. Overall a good month for professional and family life. Overall a positive month. You will enjoy travelling and some religious long journey with the family members. Altogether it will prove to be a purposeful month.

Feed the birds. Also worship lord Hanuman.

Piscec ( Moon Sign )

Most favourable time to turn your love relations into marriage. Some auspicious ceremony will take place at home. You will be happy and satisfied. Married people need to be more careful from extra marital affairs. Some may have misunderstandings in married life. This is an auspicious period for those who are expecting a child. Students will be able to concentrate on studies. Auspicious month for the students. They will get success in attempts and make them cheerful. Any competitive examination will be successful. High expenditure needs to be taken care of.

Donate yellow clothes to poor. Worship lord Vishnu and keep a yellow cloth in your pocket.

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