You will judge everyone else but not you, which is not a good thing. You will try to make your family happy but will get no credits for that. Restlessness will keep on haunting you from time to time. You would not be able to find mental peace anywhere. You will be misunderstood by the people around you and even your loved one will fail in the task of understanding you. If you have never been very serious about your love life, it is the time to repent it all. Dispute with a senior official or your boss is foreseen, which will directly or indirectly have an adverse effect on your profession. However, your income will be constant. Risk related to investment of money must be avoided at any cost. Keeping a positive approach toward life will help you dealing with the tough times in a better way. Students should continue putting their 100% efforts to get favorable results. You must avoid fast food if you are already sick as it might make your situation bad. Your health will be fine in most of the month. The troubles at your workplace will be overpowered by being consistent in giving good performance. People involved in business can face some financial loss. Your professional life might not flourish a lot but it will keep on moving forward steadily. Starting of any new business should be avoided completely. Keep a low profile this month and save your money for better use and better time. You might get worried for the health of your beloved with family members too. If you are single then there are chances of starting a relationship with someone really good.

Remedy: Serve food to blind people every Saturday.