Misunderstandings in relations with family members may develop. You may become temperamental particularly during end of the month. Aggression may further exaggerate the situation. You may develop the tendency to remain stressful. During this period you need to take care of the health of senior members of the family. Some auspicious ceremony may also take place at home which may keep you delightful. You will also be inclined towards religious and charitable activities and may feel more relaxed. This month is generally not favorable for married life. To keep the relations working, you need to control your speech. Also the health of spouse may be the cause of concern during this month. Those who are single should avoid unnecessary arguments during this time frame as you may face problems in getting marriage proposal approved and may face unnecessary obstructions. This month may also not prove to be favorable for professional life. This may prove to be testing time for you. You will not get the results of your hard work up to your expectations. Your seniors may not be satisfied with your performance and you may have to face disgrace at your workplace. Transfer at workplace is also possible. Be aware of some false allegations which you may face during this period. Some new sources of income will make you happy. But middle of the month may again give some issues regarding professional life. Egoistic approach should be avoided. Having cool and patient approach at workplace will give more positive results. There is also possibility of change of residence this month. New sources of income will give relief only during middle of the month. You may also remain restless on account of heavy and unnecessary expenditures in spite of inflow of funds. Speculation or investing in stocks can be considered only during end of this month. Problems related to fever and fatigue will be common during this period. Also be aware of some injuries.

Remedy: Visit and worship Lord Hanuman. In case of problem keep fast on Tuesday.