This month will be full of struggle and hard work for you and your relationship with your friends and family will improve during this period. You may have to face or deal with some major issues or court cases because of some sort of fight or aggression in the past. Your hard work and discipline will help you get the desired and favorable results but you need to avoid going for a job change or joining a new company in the middle of the month. You will inherit some ancestral property with the help of your mother this month. You will spend on luxury and on self-pampering during this period of time. Be careful about the health of your spouse. No financial losses could be seen. Try to improve yourself, think more rationally and make realistic plans, for now keep the worry about your finances and savings. In the matters related to money it is better to be safe than sorry so avoid any partnership. You will be very lucky and fortunate for the most of the month. If you have any of your long-term plans waiting to initiate then hold on for a while. Drive very carefully and slowly as you might get injured or hurt. Do not spend too much that is not useful as your expenditure is likely to increase in the middle of the month. Take small steps and don’t make hasty decisions. Don’t get overwhelmed with the heights that you are achieving. Not a very favorable period for health. You might suffer from chest pain and stomach ailments. These organs need more attention. Heart patients need to be extra careful and focus on their diet and well-being. Don’t skip meals. With adequate exercise and proper diet, a lot of improvements will be seen. The difference of opinion may happen between you and your family members. Therefore to enjoy family happiness avoid any rude behavior. Maintain cordial relationship at home and this is the most auspicious face for a new member in adding to the family.

Remedy: Feed the crow with kheer and worship Rahu on Sunday.