You may find yourself in a state of low energy physically and mentally. It can be hard to get going and you can feel sluggish, lazy and weak. Problems may arise that need to be tackled but things will soften as the month progresses. Seek advice and maintain good terms with friends and well-wishers, as they are your only saviour. You will find success, but it will be delayed. You could be concerned about your father’s health. It is also an auspicious period to plan a family. Avoid aggression and ego clashes with others. You should be more focused and have a practical approach towards your work. You will really work hard to progress rapidly at the career front. Also, be prepared to get new assignments and responsibilities, which would be the result of the pleasant relations with your higher subordinates and the increase of trust on you. At times, you may feel somewhat neglected or ignored, and that might provoke you to do something extraordinary to attract and impress the person of your interest. Your professional life would require special attention.  A general feeling of discontentment, fear and insecurity will keep you tensed. Try to focus on the work on your hand to reduce anxiety. Meditation will be beneficial to enhance your inner strength. Some emotional issues may start to bother you again during the latter parts. You may feel very much occupied by the events around you, and there can be some unknown stress on your mind. Finances need to be monitored carefully. Many old projects will come to an end, and many new ventures will begin during 2021. Learn to be diplomatic in your speech and actions and you should avoid hurting the feelings of others.
Remedy : Visit Shani mandir on Saturday to worship Shani Dev to take blessings.