Financial problems you faced last month will persist at the beginning of this month as well. I won’t say bad but little difficult time for you. But there will also be benefits for people who run their own businesses. You will get an opportunity to expand your business abroad especially if in medicinal products. You can get success in the field of import-export as well. There are also chances of you traveling abroad or away from your birthplace. But at your workplace people might try to harm your reputation. So be careful. Your health issues will get intensified specifically the problem of skin, hair allergies, joint pain which can become severe. Enemies can also grow at this time. You might have to put in a lot of hard work to beat your competition. Especially those who are students pursuing higher studies outside of the country will need to be conscious. Avoid bad associations. You might also receive financial aid from unexpected sources. In the end of this month you can put your money in the stock market, etc. and expect benefits from them. You will be able to focus on your family. At this time, you have to be careful of your enemy’s side because they can try to harm you or your family members. You can get your family’s approval for this year’s marriage. There can be a good success in the business world, especially for those who are associated with fashion, make-up, designing, garments, etc. Drive carefully.

Remedy – Feed beggars sweets.