You will be recognised and analysed through your work so be sure to give your best. You will get profitable results in your business. With the help of someone your business will get more strengthened. You will spend on luxuries and domestic items. A short vacation is on the cards with some friends and relatives. This month will seek you with good and stable opportunities in your professional life but you have to be very cautious while working. Criticism can pull you down but you have to get up and see that you are made to attain good things in your life. You will get appreciation from your seniors and colleagues for your hard work. You will also have some extra source of income which you might spend on gadgets and electronic goods. Avoid new investments. Those who want to get married are most likely to find a suitable match for themselves. Issues between family members will settle down amicably. Your mental and physical fitness will get better if you avoid any kind of stressful situations. You will take good care of your health and you will maintain a good exercise routine with good diets. Be careful while driving.  Remedy: Feed the birds with bajra, makka and green moong dal.